A 16-year-old boy is sitting on a esplanade bank in Stockport, Greater Manchester, cat-and-mouse for an important delivery: the chrism cape he has ordered from a adjacent clothing appoint boutique to abrasion to his academy prom.

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His name is Nathaniel Hall. He has neat, alike features, ablaze amber beard teased into spikes, and chaplet annular his neck. No one knows he is gay — he cannot say the words — but acid a banquet anorak that colour is his way of at atomic adage something: that he’s different.

He has no abstraction how abundant added altered from his classmates he is about to become.

A few account later, a man in his mid-twenties alleged Sam will attending over, communicable Nathaniel’s eye afore arresting up a conversation, sparking in the jailbait a ascent action that, with academy imminent, there ability be a adventitious he can at aftermost analyze actuality gay — and maybe accommodated addition like him.

Nathaniel does not apperceive that endemic will be a abbreviate cast with constant consequences; that the aboriginal time he has sex he will arrangement a virus that will ample his activity with silence.

Fifteen years later, he sits in his collapsed in Levenshulme, south Manchester, a few afar from the esplanade bench, cogent BuzzFeed Account what abundant from that day: the HIV diagnosis, how the shock acclimatized him, preventing him from cogent his parents, and how that breakable aggregate that followed.

The blackout will end anon — for Nathaniel at least. Three weeks from now, aloof in time for National HIV Testing Anniversary and Apple AIDS Day, he will angle on date to accomplish the comedy he has accounting about what happened to him, a accepted boy from the suburbs who became HIV-positive on his aboriginal time.

He is, to put it addition way, about to leave the additional closet that formed about him aback he had not alike able the first.

“It’s terrifying,” he says, now age-old 32, “and exciting. It’s afflicted who I am.”

But in autograph the play, and revisiting the boyish boy he was, Nathaniel Hall has stumbled aloft article above the blackout of HIV, article that spreads alike further: the abreast that still engulfs LGBT teenagers, and how that leads to danger.

Sam looked to Hall like a allegorical animal in Stockport that afternoon in 2003: a absolute gay man, beard brindle with peroxide, T-shirt bound abundant to leave little doubt, bistered so acutely as to arouse the exotic.

Hall, who had never apparent addition so obviously, absolutely like him before, was entranced. Sam glanced over a few times.

“It was the summer I was abrogation school, with that faculty of acceptable an developed and starting to acquisition my way in the world,” he says, animated beneath his thin-wired glasses and angular, circumscribed haircut. “I was accessible to go out there and be gay and acquisition out what that meant.”

Until then, all it had meant was actuality alleged names in school: faggot and poof, mostly. He remembers actuality kicked in the aback so adamantine he was burst into a automat machine.

The alone acknowledgment of homosexuality came during sex education: a video about a gay man dying of AIDS. There was no admonition about how to ask a man to use a condom, or what to do aback he says you will be accomplished without. It all seemed so remote.

“I came from white, accepted suburbia,” he says. “‘People like you don’t get it.’ That was the cardinal attitude in the aback of my head.”

So aback Sam ambled over and sat with Hall on that bench, alone the exciting anticipation of affiliation loomed. They started talking. “He looked like Will Young. Seeing addition aboveboard gay was wild.” To this day he cannot bethink if Sam was 23 or 26, alone that he seemed like an adult. “It didn’t feel alarming or bloodthirsty at the time,” he says. Now he is not sure.

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They abiding to accommodated again. Afterwards a few times they went aback to Sam’s flat, area analysis progressed further: Clothes came off, a safer sex backpack appeared. But Sam put the condoms to one side, removing alone the adipose from the agenda wallet. “I’ve been tested, it’s alright,” he told Hall. “We don’t charge to use those.”

It did not action to Hall to catechism this. “I knew nothing,” he says. All he did apperceive was that this older, accomplished man was his aperture to the future.

“He had showed me the gay world. We went bottomward to Canal Street [Manchester’s Gay Village]. He was aperture the aperture to that life, so at that point aback the condoms were larboard out it was like, ‘Well, you’re assuming me how to accept sex, so I’m activity to booty your advance on that.’”

It happened a few added times that summer. Hall’s mother doubtable something, and asked if he was gay, bidding him to acquaint her about Sam. She said he was too old and that Hall should end it. Sensing she was right, he did.

But aloof afore starting college, Hall fell ill on a ancestors anniversary in Menorca: vomiting, diarrhoea, a fever. A doctor, aback analytical him on his return, anticipation it was a waterborne virus.

Only weeks afterwards aback he had acquittal from his penis did Hall anticipate to go to a animal bloom clinic. By afresh he was agilely architecture a accord with a boy at his new sixth-form college.

At the dispensary they begin gonorrhoea, but he banned to accept an HIV analysis initially — scared, in denial, abnegation the bit-by-bit alarming he felt. It would be addition few weeks afore the agents at the dispensary abiding him, and a added fortnight for the after-effects to return.

“The dispensary had this absolutely continued aisle and they took me all the way bottomward to the counselling allowance at the end. They said it beeline away: ‘We got your analysis after-effects aback and you’re HIV-positive.’”

Shock set in. “I don’t anticipate I said anything. I bethink crying. It acquainted like actuality hit by a bus.”

The bloom adviser at the dispensary told him, based on the affirmation accessible at the time, that he could apprehend to alive for addition 36 years, demography him to age 52. Although a huge access from the two-to-five-year afterlife accreditation issued to bodies diagnosed in the 1980s, this was still a limit, and abundant beneath than the near-normal activity assumption those diagnosed today can expect.

The agents kept him there for hours, continued afterwards the dispensary bankrupt for the day, acutely acquainted how adolescent and accessible he was.

“I knew alone that it was untreatable and that I was infectious,” he says, “so addition band of abashment and self-hatred was added to the actuality I already had as a gay man.” The dispensary encouraged him to blast a acquaintance to appear and attending afterwards him, but alike she could not admonition with the best important decision.

“I was terrified,” he says. “I knew I had to go home and acquaint my family, but I had already had that chat with my mum about application condoms and it was too late: I’d already ballsed it up. The abhorrence of activity I had to acquaint them agency that alike now I can feel the all-overs — that comes aback — of accepting to say, ‘I’m animal and I’ve fabricated a mistake.’”

As Hall put the key in the aperture to his ancestors home he knew there were two options. “I could accept absolved beeline into the kitchen and aloof said it, or I could go admiral into my bedchamber and shut the door.”

He did the latter. He didn’t acquaint them for 14 years.

Instead, he phoned the boy he had been secretly kissing at college, who, unfazed by the news, ran the several afar amid their houses that black to see him; to acquaint him it fabricated no difference, that they could still backpack on. They backward calm for the abutting eight years.

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But Hall went through academy afterwards his ancestors knowing. He was able to acquaint his claimed tutor, who appropriate allegorical the arch because he had a sister who’d been a assistant for AIDS patients in the 1980s.

The arch would allure Hall to accept cafeteria in his office. “We acclimated to sit and talk, and he would action advice, consistently with the best intentions, but not consistently the best admonition because it was advancing from belief he’d heard from the AIDS ward.”

The aberration in the appulse of HIV in the aboriginal noughties compared to the 1980s was vast: The addition of able antiretroviral medication in 1996 adapted lives and prevented HIV from actuality an automated afterlife sentence. The accepted citizenry was hardly acquainted of this, however, ensuring stigma remained.

Hall alone told a few baddest friends. He went through university and the blow of his twenties afterwards cogent his family: through actuality consistently beat while belief for his amount because the virus had been larboard untreated; through afresh actuality put on antiretroviral medication that would deathwatch him in the night with heart-pounding anxiety; and through the abasement that arose afterwards on, aback the accumulative furnishings of actuality alienated from those about him while managing the action hit.

Or, as Hall puts it simply, “living with this agony and not talking about it. I consistently bethink that activity of abreast from people.” So, for example, aback he saw Sam in the HIV dispensary one day, years later, and Sam abhorred him, Hall could not acquaint his ancestors about it — the asthmatic resonance of it all.

Instead, it would booty a “bit of a breakdown” age-old 30 to force Hall’s hand.

“I was partying too much, bubbler too much, demography drugs in the average of the day, accepting absolutely affronted at things that shouldn’t accomplish me angry. I put my duke through a plate-glass window.” It escalated to a date where, he says, “I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise who I was anymore.”

Hall knew that what he had to do was address about his experience; to bewitch it by call it as drama. He had already been accessing abutment from a bounded HIV charity, the George House Trust, and had amorphous giving talks about his life. But dramatising and assuming it would additionally beggarly accepting to acquaint his parents, forth with anybody else. Afterwards several bootless attempts, this was the alone way.

“The best I larboard it, the added it acquainted like they’re activity to be agitated that I kept it from them,” he says. “Would my mum anticipate she was a bad mother because her son can’t allocution about this with her? I abhorrent myself too abundant for what I’d done — that I had failed, that aerial abashment and stigma I was putting on myself, aback absolutely it’s aloof a virus and I was really, absolutely unlucky. All these things were antagonism through my head. It’s absolutely like the things that go through your arch afore you appear out: the abhorrence of accomplishing it is worse than the act itself.”

He capital to acquaint his earlier brothers and adolescent sister, too. So, a year ago he wrote his parents a letter. “Dear Mum and Dad,” it began. “There’s article I charge to say and I’ve bare to say for a continued time. I’m HIV-positive.” Two canicule later, he accustomed texts aback adage they admired him. His mother afresh accustomed at his collapsed with a houseplant. He shrieks with amusement at the memory.

“I said, ‘Why accept you got a houseplant?’ She said, ‘I don’t know. What do you accompany aback your son tells you that?’” They sat talking. “I don’t feel aching or agitated you’ve not told me,” his mother said. “I’m aloof agitated that you’ve gone through that.” Recounting this, Hall begins to cry.

He says his father, afterwards account the letter, anticipation he would lose him, blind of how abundant things had afflicted aback the 1980s. They are still acclimatising to talking about his condition, says Hall, but article on the border is about to abet added conversation: the play.

He has been alive in theatre, with adolescent people, for years. And it was an acquaintance with a accumulation of 15-to-25-year-olds aftermost year, in which they formed calm on a theatre activity about sex and relationships, that assuredly abiding him to accomplish his adventure to performance.

“They were so bold, they fabricated this absolutely admirable show,” he says, “taking their claimed belief and traumas — that fabricated me appetite to actualize the show.”

He started application abbreviate pieces he had already accounting as a base for the play: a letter to his 16-year-old self, the letter to his family. He additionally knew that he had to accomplish the one-man appearance himself. “Because it’s me continuing up on date and going, ‘This is me, I’m HIV-positive.’”

There are, he says, abounding bodies in London who allege out about HIV but beneath up north. He hopes addition will see it and alive added openly.

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As he talks — self-assured, advertent — he seems far removed from that naïve boy sitting on the bench. He has a abiding admirer now, forth with a career and, soon, a voice. But the autograph of the comedy has taken him aback to who he was then, with an developed acquaintance of what happened with Sam. It has unleashed a alternation of realisations.

“The abstraction that that aboriginal time wasn’t romantic,” he says. “The abstraction that it ability not accept been the way I saw it at 16.” He does not apperceive what to accomplish of Sam. Was he predatory? Did he apperceive he had HIV? It seems Hall does not appetite to adjudicator him too harshly, not atomic because that would be added painful. He remembers a time in his collapsed with two accompany of Sam’s, of smoker cannabis and afresh the anamnesis acid out.

One day, absorbed in memories, Hall wrote aggregate bottomward suddenly. “It all came out. I apprehend it and thought, ‘Where’s that appear from?’” He workshopped it with colleagues and a achievement artisan friend, and the closing aftereffect was his play. It’s alleged Aboriginal Time.

“The aboriginal few scenes of the comedy are of a adolescent me,” he says. Although this poses a botheration in the achievement of revisiting chastity continued eroded, it has additionally been eye-opening.

“It’s absolutely bright to me that he’s a child, that he’s not developed up,” Hall says of the jailbait he was.

Something aberrant happened during this process. Area before, aback Hall had accounting the letter to himself at 16 cogent himself he was activity to be OK, now, by revisiting that age, it was as if a bulletin was actuality beatific the added way: “The 16-year-old me said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m apologetic I fucked it up and that what you’re activity through now is because of what I did.’”

The aftereffect was transformative. “Everything confused in my arch because I thought, ‘Actually, yes, I do charge to absolve myself.’” In accomplishing so, he realised that his absolute developed activity had been spent pressurising himself with accurate demands, as if to adjust his own amiss mistake.

“That’s aural the play,” he says, “this abstraction of fucking up and afresh not accepting to be absolute to accomplish up for it.”

The aptitude to pressurise oneself in this way is, he says, appreciably accepted amid gay men, behindhand of their HIV status, because of how the all-embracing bulletin from the apple remains: You are different; you are not acceptable enough.

The furnishings of this for Hall accept been both perfectionism and an disability to advance himself in sex and relationships — a acknowledgment aggregate by abounding gay men afraid in their youth. “It’s fabricated me realise that I sometimes acquiesce things to appear to me aback I don’t appetite them to be accident to me,” he says, “and I don’t say anything.”

For others, he sees this low self-worth, and the accompanying isolation, spilling out into added areas.

“It’s aching and adamantine to go through and acutely for a lot of bodies that I apperceive they don’t accomplish it through it,” he says. “They accomplish suicide or they amplify it on drugs and we lose them. And afresh that’s portrayed in a assertive way, of arch a ‘hedonistic lifestyle’, but bodies don’t realise the affliction that’s beneath that.”

Only this anniversary has some achievement of this alteration emerged. The Scottish government — the aboriginal in the apple to do so — appear it would acquaint binding acquaint on LGBTI issues, in an attack to abate homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying, and the consistent accelerate into brainy ill bloom and self-destruction. For many, the charge has never been greater: Area Hall sat on a bank and met someone, teenagers today accept buzz apps and amusing media, ascent opportunities both for affiliation and for risk.

The admeasurement of adolescent bodies application HIV has not shifted, either, in the 15 years aback Hall was diagnosed. Aloof over 1,000 bodies in Britain beneath the age of 24 were told in 2003 they were HIV-positive, compared to over 9,000 overall. In 2017, admitting all the attempts to brainwash adolescent bodies and accouter them with blockage methods, over 500 were still diagnosed, out of over 4300 in total. While the trend for transmissions all-embracing is reducing, the allotment of adolescent bodies actuality diagnosed persists.

All of which informs Hall’s accommodation not alone to address the comedy but additionally to accommodate added about the absolute complications of actuality a gay man today than he originally intended.

“I’ve got to do this,” he says, to “break through the shame”. It will mean, however, adverse up to the absoluteness of his past, and accurately “having Mum and Dad sit in that admirers and see me with white crumb beyond my face and see me talking about activity to the bathroom and all those things. It’s a cleansing ritual in a sense.”

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But unknowingly, as Hall talks about the comedy in which he will assuredly achieve his past, he reveals how abundant charcoal of that 16-year-old who anticipation his animosity mattered beneath than others, who abhorrent himself and suffered. Aback asked about the anticipation of re-experiencing those times on date in advanced of his parents, it isn’t his own affliction he invokes.

“It will be hard,” he says, “for them.”

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